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For those thinking about buying real estate as an investment, the first step is to understand the process. Many investors have lost money because they didn't educate themselves before diving in. There are many resources available on the subject, but one of the most comprehensive how-to books that I have found is "Flip - How to Find, Fix, and Sell Houses for Profit" by Rick Villani and Clay Davis. It walks you through the process step by step in a very practical way. It is written for those wanting to "buy and sell" as well as "fix and hold".

At the heart of FLIP is a proven five-stage model that really works in any market:
1. Find a promising house
2. Analyze the profit potential
3. Buy at the right price
4. Fix on time and on budget
5. Sell quickly to maximize profits or hold long-term

The services I provide are:

1. Market analysis for areas you wish to buy in
2. Lead generating tools that show you potential properties
3. Networked with other real estate agents to provide leads on properties before they hit the market
4. Find resources that will help you evaluate the condition of potential properties as well help with restoration
5. Negotiate contracts
6. Monitor contract to close process
7. On-going resource after close

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