Lease Process


Meet to discuss your needs and wishes, including the area you want to live, your move date, and your desired price point.

Determine Search Area

Narrow your focus to the top 1-2 areas you want to focus on and put a plan into place to notify you of what inventory is available.

Set Up Client Gateway

Use various means to notify of new lease properties to consider, including the use of a private client Gateway that will send you automated updates.

View Properties

Tour properties that appeal to you to find the one with the right fit for your needs.

Apply for Lease

Assist you with the completion of application documents and advise you on decisions you may have to make. Also, monitor your application and keep you up-to-date on its progress.


Available to be with you when you sign the contract for advice or just to have a friendly face on your side.


Help you find resources to help you with your move.

Ongoing Resource

I will be available after your lease to help with any future real estate needs. Including helping your friends and family with their real estate needs as well.